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Knitted babes - Dot Pebbles!

This is Ann and a little about her......

ann.JPG (497655 byte)
Thanks to my Mum who sent me the "original pattern"!
Ann is made as the real "Knitted babes", but I created her clothes.

Ann is knittng....wonder what she is knitting? The answer will come here.... as soon as she finishes!

Panties: (front side): Cast on 28 sts on 2 needles size 3. Rib (K1, P1), next 3 rows. Continue: K5, YO, (K2tog), K14, YO, (K2tog), knit rest of row. Next row: purl. Repeat these 2 rows 4 times more. Cast off 2 sts in beginning of next rows until 10 sts left. Knit st in st next 8 rows, increase 2 msts in beginning of next rows until 28 sts. Back side st in sts next 10 rows, then 3 rows  rib. Cast off and join. Make a crochet lace round the legs: ch3, 1 sc in each st. Vest: cast on 44 sts on 3 needles. Knit rib (K2, P2) next 30 rounds. Cast off. Crochet  laces as long as necessary and finish as for panties.
I made a dress of paper. Here it is on the shirt I wanted to tranform into a dress! 
I managed to use 3 buttons!
She's got blue eyes!
Chain 2, make 8 sc in the 2nd cn to make a little  disc

I made the dress from an old summershirt

Knitting Ann begins to make Tunisian crochet.....
knitting_ann_TC.JPG (69835 byte) She's making a bag for herself.... coming soon!.

The Beatles: A Taste of Honey

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