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Knitting Ann.....

Ann knitted......and knitted....and knitted......until....

ann.JPG (497655 byte) ...she got her little baby!!!

And then she knitted the piglet-toy for her little baby!


IM006171.JPG (467461 byte)
babe.JPG (248292 byte)

Knitting Ann's Little Baby

You need:
yarn in skin-colour you like
4 double-pointed knitting needles, size for the leftovers
a piece of white cloth to make the nappy
a little saftety pin to fix the nappy
beads to eyes and dummy.

Body and head:
With skin-colour: Cast on 12 sts and divide on 3 needles like this (6+3+3)
knit 10 rounds.
Shoulders: slip 1 stitch as if to knit , K1, take first st over second, K2, (K2tog), (=4+2+2)
Neck: 1 round
Next round: * increase in first st, K2, increase next st*, repeat *-* (6+3+3)
Next round: * increase in first st, K4, increase next st*, repeat *-* (8+4+4)
knit 5 rounds.
Next round: (K2tog) all round (4+2+2)
Next round: (K2tog) all round (1+1+2)
Cut yarn and draw through remaining sts. Fasten.

Arms: (2 needles): cast on 3 sts, (knitting an I-cord) *pull sts to other end of needle, and knit*, *-* repeat 5 cm.
Legs: as arms, but 8 cm.

Make up: stuff baby, join legs and arms.
Make face and dummy (with a little ring or some beads). 
Add hair as you like.
Make a little nappy and fix.

The Beatles: A Taste of Honey

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