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Jeg er med i The Knitting Olympics! - Partecipo alle Olimpiadi della Maglia! 

I Took a GOLDEN medal....I finished

Jeg har melt mig til Knitting Olympics!

Yarn Harlot

Partecipo alle "Olimpiadi della Maglia"
Her er reglerne (på engelsk) Le regole (in inglese)
05.02.2006: 2522 entries
06.02.2006: 2642 entries
08.02.2006: 3177 entries
09.02.2006: 3312 entries
10.02.2006: 3649 entries
11.02.2006: 3908 entries
18.02.2006: 4048 entries
23.02.2006: 4065 entries
25.02.2006 4071 entries
Jeg skal strikke sokker samt en hat, en frakke og et halstørklæde til min hånddukke George, som lever sammen med mig - især i skolen. Devo fare delle calze e un capello, un capotto e una sciarpa per il mio pupazza, George, che vive con me a scuola - in modo particolare.
George's Story

George's page is still under construction, but come and see it .......


coat.JPG (226800 byte)

Here you can see a very proud George!
He's got a brand new (Olympic) coat, a hat, and a scarf!
The scarf was knitted with finger-knitting (a page will soon come).

My Olympic Socks!
sok.JPG (63610 byte)

25 years ago I knitted lots of socks...

These are my first socks after so many years!
Knitted on only 2 needles and using a book of my Grandmother's from the sixties, I think!


sok2.JPG (36105 byte)

I'm knitting the second sock. 
Hope to finish within tomorrow evening, then I'll add the pictures!

sok3.JPG (21319 byte)

Must knit only the toe on the second sock!
I'll finish tonigh during the skating!

sokker2.JPG (34226 byte)

I finished the socks!!!

It was fun to participate... waiting for the golden medal!


Happy Days

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