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George's Story

Facts about George:

Birth:   21st October 1999 in Pisa, Italy
Address: he lives with Mrs. Mette in her house, but when he goes out he stays in a black bag.
Hobbies: Music: dancing and singing, collecting presents from his friends
Language: only English, but he understands a little Italian
He likes: to stay at school
He doesn't like: noisy and shouting children at school. If they are making too much noise he stays at home or hides in his black bag.
Presentes and letters he got:
Favourite colour: red
Favourite animal: cat
Favourite food:

sausages, spaghetti, strawberries


It seems as if George soon will have a little sister

Some pictures from George's life....


13.02.2006: Eating cake....yam yam

At school....

15.02.2006: George and Gliz

Happy Days

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