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Halloween Knit Along - 2008
by Mette Buchreitz - knittingmette



Download the pattern


This Halloween KnitALong took place October 25th though 31st.

Thanks to everybody who took part .... and had fun!

If you were not in the group and you've knitted the cloth later,

please, feel free to download the pattern.

In my Gallery I'd be happy to host pictures of the washcloths,

 you've made from my free pattern!

Please send to m (dot) buchreitz (at) gmail (dot) com


Thank you for taking part!

Please, have a look at my Gallery!



       Few weeks ago I was so lucky to get in touch with Morticia Addams. As you know she's often needles and yarn in her hands so I asked her what she was doing and if she would like share her latest scary pattern with me! ;-))
       "Of course, I'd like to share with you!" she answered.
       Very, very pround Morticia showed me what she was knitting - and I really was amazed. It was the most scary washcloth I'd ever seen! So I asked her if I could share her pattern with my knitting friends all over the world! She answered:
       "Ok, but don't give away the whole pattern at once and send it to your friends as a lovely, frightening gift for Halloween from me! Do tell them by and by about this wonderful, scary pattern!  You must only tell them that I'm knitting a washcloth for Gomez. And when I've finished the one for Gomez, I'll knit another cloth for Lurch to use in the kitchen (a dishcloth I suppose) and one for our bread basket! All three cloths from the same pattern, but with very small differences!"


So are you ready to take part now?
This is what you need to know before starting:

Skill level: beginner
Finished measurements: xx cm / xx cm
Yarn: Sjuntorp mini Malou acryl cotton (or pure cotton, if you prefer): [54% acryl, 46% cotton; 50 g / 1.76 oz = 140 m/ 153. yds], 1 ball of white and leftover of black 
Other materials
: tapestry needle
Knitting needle size: 3,5 mm/ US 3 - you also need 4 double pointed needles (dpn)
Gauge: is not important in this project
Pattern Notes
The numbers in the () show how many sts on each needle.
Notice: when you BO on a row, the last BOst will be a part of the next group of sts!

You must be able to knit:

Stitches - knit: CO (cast on), BO (bind off), k (knit), k2tog (knit two together), kfb (knit forwards and backwards), WTk (short row - wrap and turn k-wise; see below), rep (repeat), *-* (from * to *)

I-cord knitting: on 2 dpn: CO as many sts as required,k, *pull sts to other end of needle, k*, *-* rep

"Short row"
k-wise - WTk:
Step 1: k as many sts as required
Step 2: wrap the yarn in front of your work (towards you)
Step 3: sl next st k-wise
Step 4: put the yarn back to the opposite side (away from you)
Step 5: sl the st back to the left hand needle
Step 6: turn, k the sts as required


Grazie, Knittable!!!

Thank you, Knittable!!!

Tak, Knittable!!!


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