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1. Your Hogwarts name (not your real name)

2. A little about your character.

3. Answer these questions:

1. Which color do you look better in?
A. Red
B. Blue
C. Yellow
D. Green

2. What would you do if you found money on the ground?
A. Spend!
B. Turn it into the police
C. Save it
D. Figure out exactly how much it is and figure out what you can buy with it.

3. If you just found out that you were having a test today what would you do?
B. Better get out that handy dandy cheat sheet!
C. Panic! Oh No! I am like so going to fail!
D. Do the best you can on it. There's not much else you can do right?

4. What is your favorite Class?
A. History of Magic
B. Defence Against The Dark Arts
C. Charms
D. Potions

5. What would you do if you knew that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was around?
A. RUN! He can kill! I'm to Young to die!!!!!!!
B. Find out a logical way to get rid of him
C. Join up with him! Maybe then I can get rid of all the people that DARE stand up to me!
D. Work really hard to get all the defense spells down then when he comes I'll be ready to get rid of him!

6. What house would you LIKE to be put into? (You may not be put into that house.)

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