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This project is very easy to do.

What You Need

  • ·Yellow or natural wood-colored pencil

  • ·Scissors

  • ·Glue

  •  Brown or dark yellow paper (look at the grocer's shop for paper from oranges boxes!)

How to make it:

1. You need pieces of paper about 5 cm x 15-20 cm.
2. Cut the paper in as you see in the photo.
3. Put glue on the long side of the paper.
4. Wrap the paper  around the pencil.
5. Let the glue dry.
6. You can also wrap sone raffia aroun the paper to fasten it.
7. Now you have a broom/Nimbus 2000! 
8. Add a name for your broom in black marker, if you want.


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