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Lullaby Brahms

By Mette Buchreitz
to Ecole and friends

Here are some  of the children's works from 
San Giovanni Bosco, Primary School, in Latignano, Cascina (PI), Italy.
All the works were created during 2001/2002 and 2002/2003

The "PC-Friend"-project ("Amico PC") started last year as our school got a PC-lab with 7 computers. So even if you here will find works from grade 3, 4, and 5, please remember that many of the students started working with the PC right then. 

Some of the children already knew how to use the computers, some did not. So we started with the basic, teaching the names of the parts of a computer (mouse, monitor, computer, tastiera, glossario 1 - glossario 2) and how to start and how to switch off in the correct way. 

The words were printed and cut out. In order to teach the new words, I invented a little game so the children could stick the words on the different parts of the PCs.

It may seem a very simple thing, but we wanted to start being sure that all the children were able to do these simple but important things.

The classes were divided into two groups in order to have fewer pupils; one went to the PC-lab and the other in the library with a colleague. The very first thing that all groups worked out was a list 1 - list 2 for their classes with names of the classmates in each group. So they started making a very useful thing for themselves! 
These first works, which were picked up in the classrooms, were very useful in order to know week by week, who had to go to the lab or who in the library!

You may notice that each group made its own list choosing the fonts, colours, choosing a frame for the text, and in the end they also pasted a clipart. I normally let the children free to choose what the like. The more aesthetical education comes later on!


These works were introduced in a 3rd class. 
The children learned to use some of the possibilities of a word processor.
They added a frame, divided the page in two columns, wrote the names, tried different kinds of fonts and changing the colours of them too, in the end the children also added a clipart.
They also tried to copy some songs in English, in order to learn to use the keyboard, to choose fonts, the paste a clipart, to print out, and also to save in the right file. 
Afterwards we made a poster for the classroom with our songs.

You can also see some works in Italian.


In grade 4 the children learned to copy both in Italian and in English. They made some pages for science or history. 

They also learned to make some acrostics on L1 and L2 and write them using a word processor. Of course it is difficult to make an acrostic in L2 which gives a sentence with a meaning, but it was important for me to let the children find words they knew in English and maybe also lean some new words.
At the end of the year the acrostics were printed out and included in a little book made with all the children’s work.



In grade 5 I started to let the children make some acrostic with clip arts in black and white. 
They also learned to prepare an invitation for a party.
Later they learned to prepare a Word Search or a Crossword. I
t was easy to print out these works so that the childrn could see each others works - and try to find the solutions!

The children from all three classes were asked to draw a Christmas-picture using a normal drawing-program. In groups of two or three they had only 30 minutes to prepare the drawing.

I only pasted their works together in the end. In this way we made an 
Advent's Calendar.



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