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'Twas The Night Before Christmas


This reading comprehension  text is based on "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" which is one of the most traditional Christmas readings in English speaking countries. It was written in 1822 by Clement C. Moore.
The poem tells the story of Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve at a typical American household.  

Imagine it is Christmas Eve and you are sitting around the fireplace drinking a nice cup of Egg Nog (a typical Christmas drink made with eggs, milk, and other ingredients sometimes including a good bit of rum!) anxiously awaiting Christmas Eve. 
Outside the snow is falling and all the family is together. Finally, someone in the family takes out "'Twas The Night Before Christmas" ...


When: Before Christmas.
How to introduce the story: Hand out a copy of the text for each student. Explain some words before listening to the story. 
Tell about the tradition to read this story in the Amrican families, and that it was written in 1822.
Age: With some help from grade 5, scuola media, highschool. 
It is not too difficult, and if you have a got version on CD or tape, then let the students listen to the story. Do not insist on a perfect understanding of the text. It is a good purpose to listen to the poem. I often let my students listen to songs they don't know, and they do not understand all the words , but I think it is a good way to get used to the sounds of the foreign language. Just let them listen once, repeat only if the students ask.

Comprehension test.
"Twas the Night Before"


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