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A Wreath for Advent

In Denmark we make count-downs in different ways. The tradition of the Wreath for Advent came from Germany about 1900. This tradition in the beginning was used only nearby the frontier of Germany, but from about 1939-40 the florists began to spread the idea all over Denmark.
The traditional wreath was made of fir in which four white candles were stuck.

Red ribbons were twisted around the wreath which were also used to hang down from the ceiling.









On the first Sunday of Advent one candle is lightened, the second Sunday the second candle... and so on until the forth Sunday.

If the wreath is lightened during the week you'll lighten only the candles already "started". If they burn down, you just put a new one in the wreath.

In the Lutherian churches this wreath and the fir are normally the only ornament. 

Today you can find new ways of making wreaths in ceramics, in  wrought iron, and so on.

If you'd like to make one why don't you try to make one with salt dough?

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