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Use Your Handshapes... and make some Christmas Crafts


Step 1

IM001141.JPG (420166 byte)


Step 2

IM001142.JPG (423958 byte)


Step 3

IM001152.JPG (465430 byte)


Step 4

IM001173.JPG (448222 byte)


It is very easy and funny to print this Santa Claus.

You need:

blue construction paper
white and red tempera
a black marker
a brush

Let the children put the tempera on their own hands.
Help them to print the hand.
Let it dry a little.
Make Santa's hat with the thumb and a part of the hand in the same way, but with red tempera.

When it is completly dry, the children add eyes and mouth with a black marker.

On the back side of the card the children can write their wishes.

Use handshapes to make wings...

...or to make Rudolf's antlers.

Let the children cut their handshapes out in green paper, and make a big christmas-tree with them.

Or use white paper, and you can make Santa's beard!

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