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Christmas Greetings/Holiday Greetings
Greetings for  your classroom.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Enjou your holidays!

Have a good year 
best wishes from....

Have a Nice Christmas 
a Happy New Year!

Have a great Christmas!

I hope you have a nice Christmas!

Wishing you
and everything
you dream of in the coming year!

May your Christmas be merry ...
and you new year happy and bright!

Warmest wishes for
every happiness in the New Year!

With my 
best wishes for
A Happy New year!

 you at Christmas 
wishining you 
special joy.

Best wishes
for a
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!


May the richness of tradition 
and love of family 
fill your holiday celebrations.

With best wishes
for Christmas
and a
Happy New Year.

May your Christmas be filled 
with love of family and friends 
and your new year filled 
with happiness that never ends!

May your holidays 
be filled with laughter, 
fun and company of good friends.


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