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Christmas Tree

You need: an old book, 
a round felt tip
Optional: a sewing needle, some thread, wooden beads and a button
Choose pages with drawings if you like.
You can also colour the pages with crayons
Make squares in different sizes Use up a page making smaller squares! You will like to use them too!
Open the squares and roll them around the felt-tip-

Start rolling the paper in a corner wwhere you can see the diagonal folding. That makes rolling easier!

Put glue on the last part of the page-
Tip: try not to glue in the center of the page as your tube may be hard and it may be diffcult to pass the needle when the glue is dry!
Slide off your tube and let it dry. Cover the tubes with a triangle (tree) and draw along the lines.... you know where to cut
Optional: add the tubes on the string and cut aferwards.
. Now choose if your tree should be a ....

greeting card or....

...a mobile - add the wooden beads and the button as in picture.


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