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Fall - Halloween Swap


Trick or Treak!

Efterårs swap på Ravelry - Nålepudegruppen
Swap autunnale su Ravelry - il gruppo di Portaspilli
Fall-Halloween swap on Ravelry - the Pincushion Group





Sharon in France can begin to imagine what's in this little bag....
(I sent the package October 25th 2008!)


A little notebook, hearts and
 tiny stockings for Christmas , a scendel
candle, Xmas tags, some ribbons...
vintage buttons, woden beads (a necklace and a bracelet - if Sharon doesn't want to wearthem she can use the beads!), black beads...
10 fabric squares 5" x 5" and... here's the pin cushion!
"Sharon'sGrapes" will soon be aviable!
Finally I got the package from Sharon in France.
It was not her fault that I had to wait for about a month I think... but we dont know if it was the French or the Italian postmen che played trick or treat with the parcel!!!!
Please see what I've got!


All the lovely things I've got
Two balls of fine yarn! Sweets and wonderful tea... a little ghost (bath soap)....but the very best....
...the very best is here! A lovely "Fall Basket- Pin-Cushion". I'm using it every day! It's really nice! Thx, Sharon! (Will try to make better pictures!!!)
And as Sharon knew - I want to learn to make lace, so she sent a very cool pattern to make a snake-bookmark! and she also sent two pins (don't know how they're called in English!)

Oh, I must learn some day!


Sharon's second package....
she had already sent off her second package when the first arrived after ore than one month of travelling between France and Italy!!!!

Walzing Matilda

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