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Jule - Natale - Christmas Swap

Jule swap på Ravelry - Nålepudegruppen
Swap di Natale su Ravelry - il gruppo di Portaspilli
Christmas swap on Ravelry - the Pincushion Group
Requirements for this swap:
Some snail mail: 2 postcards/cards minimum, sent to your swap partner, 
one in November, one in December.
One handmade pin cushion, made specifically for your partner.

This morning I've got a surprise.... a postcard from the Giant... ops from
HappySunshine .... the moderator of this winter-swap.
Oh, we were talking last day - in some emails - about The Giants Gateway
she was so kind to send me a very nice postard.
You can see the postcard ended up on my fridge!

January 7 2009 I finally got the huge envelope from Blueteacup
IMG_3293.JPG (1112072 byte) IMG_3297.JPG (1330251 byte)
Strange plastic envelope from the Italien Postservice..... Look! The envelope had been opened and then closed with a stampler.....
IMG_3298.JPG (1081536 byte) IMG_3301.JPG (1359323 byte)
Opening... and out came great items...yarn, embroidering thread, candy canes, peppermint bark (made by BlueTeaCupe herself), golden pipe cleaners and... a cute pincushion - a green felt mitten!
IMG_3304.JPG (1121576 byte)


I put the peppermint bark in my Santa bowl... it looks like "hundreds and thousands"... but it tastes wondeful... yammy yammy....

Ooooohhhh... Mr Mouse was there!!!! Inside the cool mitten.....
IMG_3307.JPG (1149386 byte)

 IMG_3308.JPG (1224977 byte)

My package to Blueteacup included these things
IMG_3063.JPG (1220564 byte)

Walzing Matilda

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