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Secret Santa - Christmas Game

Juleleg med EST - EuropeanStreetTeam fra
"Secret Santa-Julemand sender dig en gave, og du sender en gave til en anden person".
For at finde de rigtige sammensaetinger sendte ArtMind  et langt spoergeskema ud til alle de tilmeldte. Saa satte hun os sammen, saa vi skulle havde sammen interesser m.m.

Gioco natalizia con EST - EuropeanStreetTeam fra
"Secret Santa- Babbo Natale ti manda un regalo - e tu ne mandi uno ad un'altra persona."
Per abbinare le persone giuste ArtMind   mand˛ nel mese di ottobre un lungo questionario. Poi li ha studiato e ci ha abbianto secondo interssi.

Christmas Game with - EST - EuropeanStreetTeam from
"Secret Santa sends a present to you - and you send a present to another person.
In order to find the right combinations ArtMind  sent out a very long questionaire. 
Then she combined the chain!





I got my big envelope 1st Dec 2008......and I was not able to put it away and open it on Christmas Day as it was a soft gift. I love soft gifts!

What a pleasure to find this wonderful Christmas runner! Just my style!

Here you can see me... :-D ....the wonderfull runner.

But who is my Secret Santa?
ehmmm... on the envelope I read HappyBee
Well, maybe Secret Santa has a little busy helper???? ;-))


The runner on my table with a Danish Advent Wreath!
To HappyBee and ArtMind :


I sent my envelope to Germany 13.12.2008
and I'll add pictures here when "she" tells me that the envelope arrived!

A necklace in Tunisian Crochet with a butterfly, a bracelet in Tunisian Crochet with a vintage button, a brooch (knitted pink rose), "Penny, the Penholder", and a butterfly made out of feathers (not by me!).

I posted the link to this page in our group and I got these two answers

From ArtMind
Hey Mette,
What a sweet gift you got! You made a very lovely blogpost about it!
Thanks so much for sharing! I didn't know were I could leave a message
on your page so I'll just leave it here! :)

If you have time, you can also post your pics in the Flickr group! :)


From butterflydesign
Hi again Mette,
I had written to have the photos posted on the EST blog, but I guess they never made it.

Of course, I couldn't wait till Christmas and had to open the package right away. Oh and how beautiful everything was. I wore the neck piece right away and gotten so many compliments, but nobody can get it, it's all mine. I love the cuff and the pen holder too. It was a wonderful gift.


Diana also sent these two pictures

Oh, yes, I sent Diana one of my homemade Xmas cards.

White Christmas

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