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Monthly Dishcolths

Knit A Long - KAL

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In Januarary 2007 I joined the international group called"Monthly Dishcloths".

Read about the group and join if you like it!
There will be 2 cloths a month, the first lines of the pattern will be sent on 1st of month
and some lines on the following 6-7 days. 
So I knitted my very first dishcloth (in this KAL) during the first 6 days of February 2007.

kalfeb01.JPG (225893 byte)

I followed the pattern very carefully - and here it is.
But I HAD to try to realize an idea I got while I knitted this cloth

kalfeb­_for.JPG (289784 byte) kalfeb_back.JPG (313028 byte)
First of all I wanted to make the sides as somebody in the group suggested 
(sorry, but I don't remember who).

But my idea was to create hearts also on the backside of the dishcloth.
It was very easy: on all the even rows you just have to k and not p,
 where you knitted p on the row before.
(to those who have got the pattern!
row 5 (that means on the front side)
:  K7, P1, K9, P1, K9, P1, K7
row 6 (on the back side): p7, k1, p9, k1, p9, k1, p7
and so on

Here you can see the result. 
I don't really know which is the frontside and which is the backside ...

kalfeb01_for.JPG (59436 byte) kalfeb_01for.JPG (73970 byte)
I made this cloth without the border 
(I hadn't enough yarn so I'll make a trimming with a contrastcolor - some day!),
but what makes this different from this and the second green dishcloth is,
 that I only knitted on row of the very last rows in the heart 
(that means 15th row of the first pattern). 
This gives the heart a better shape, I think.
The February Mid Dish Cloth

This is the first time I take part of the mid-month cloth.
It started on 16th February and now I've knitted the patterns of three first days. As you must follow this pattern carefully,  I've got an idea, because the first days I printed out, but onestly I thought it was a kind of wasting paper....  6-7 sheets of paper until you've got the whole pattern.... adding also that I had some difficulty to make out which row I was knitting


I copied the pattern of today and pasted it into a new document in my word processor (you can also paste it into a new e-mail)
I choosed bigger fonts, 

*I made an interline at the end of the first row I had to knit. 
I knitted the row reading on the pc. 
Then I removed the row.

repeat from * !!!

In this way I finished the rows in few minutes and I had no problem reading the pattern while knitting!

I did it!

When You Wish Upon a Star

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