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My Christmas Card - 2006

teabags01.JPG (60986 byte)
I prepare my own greeting cards every year.
This year I collectes "teabags", because I wanted to use them in some way... actually I didn't really know how to use them, but suddently the idea just was there!

You need:
board card in different colours
felt tips

What to do:

Cut away the white border of the teabags
Fold into squares (big and small - use up the paper)
Fold small Christmas trees (see photos
Stick on the cards!

teabags00.JPG (50775 byte) teabags02.JPG (48422 byte) teabags03.JPG (48136 byte)
first.... cut away the border ...
and make squares
fold into triangles. 
teabags04.JPG (49489 byte) teabags05.JPG (60336 byte) teabags07.JPG (45447 byte)
Make many trees .... Stick on the cards.... draw the trunks.

write your greetings!

I also made some gift tags! You can add a little button on the top of the tree

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This page was translated 23 November 2008 from the Danish page which was made 17.12.2006

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