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My Mystical Illusion Class

March 2007

In the group it came out that they were preparing a GRAPH Class ... teaching how to make an illusion ... so I was very brave... and I joined the group...

During the following days I wondered if I had done well.... well, I'm that kind of persons that if I start something I MUST go on until I finish that thing... if I get an idea, maybe I can "keep it inside" for years, but in a certain moment, in a certain way I know that I'll make it... and create "the thing" ....


Heidi and Cher promised to start today....
Waiting for the mail to come I tried to make a Frappr map, in order to see where my class-mates are. But I was not able... must try later again.
Class-mates? we are 33 in this big class! 


The mail with the graphs arrived in my mailbox.... I started to print out...
:-((( but the printer went KO! I printed it out in black & white and sat down with my daugther's old colours and managed....

IM007978.JPG (450134 byte)
Here you can see how I worked... 
Now I'm waiting for further instructions....


I finished my Flip Floppers.
You can't see them?
Look beneath


On my way back home from the Easter holiday, I was really looking forward being back to be print out the graph and then try to make my very first illusion-pattern.
Well, after a while in the car I started to knit my pattern looking at the few lines I had made on my flip flop-graph for my idea of a pattern.

Here's my first illusion. But I won't tell you what it is.
It's called "HSH" - try to find out.
I'll show the other pictures when Cheryl allows me.... I think after the trip of the Mystical Illusion-Box.....


I wrote down the pattern during the last days and I knitted two cloths before I was sure to have the right pattern. Now I knitted the third - and last - cloth which I'll send to Cheryl tomorrow (16.04.2007), so she can make the Mystical Illusion Box, and send it to the first classmates. Then the box will go round to all classmates.....

I forgot to tell that I used 4 colors to knit the final cloth

Beach Boys; Fun, Fun, Fun

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