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My Illusion Knitting

Illusion Knitting KAL 2014

I was very intrigued when I heard about illusionknitting
I HAD to find out, I HAD to try. I found this group

I've been lurking for a while in this group - somebody recommended me to start with a certain pattern - and so did I. Finally yesterday I made my first illusion-kntting, an Easter Bunny!


Where's my Bunny???

bunny02.JPG (139084 byte)

Here he is!


My second illusion....

should be a cloth for  Sct. Patrick's....
but I can't see the shamrock...

What did I knit???

Cheryl was so kind to send my her egg-pattern...
with 6 different colours....
I HAD to try....
Who can see an egg?

I can....!!!!
Lucky me!

During Easter I knitted Cheryl's "Smiley-Face"

Beach Boys; Fun, Fun, Fun

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