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I found an old little tablecloth of my Grandmother's and I thought it should be possible to make one in Tunisian crochet ...... I was not able.... it became a bookworm!

Make a BR with 5 cn.
Go on working with TSS.
When you want your worm/snake to turn to right: 
*1st row: work 2 TSS, go back
2nd row: work all 4 TSS, go back*
Repeat *-* two or three times (depends on how much you want to turn the worm!)

Then go straight on as long as you want till you turn to the left:
*take up alla the loops, work back 3 loops, then take up these 3 stitches and work the whole row back.*
Repeat *-* two or three times.

Nose: skip the first strand, take up a loop in the next (middle) strand, skip the next but last stitch and tak up a loop in the last stitch. YO, pull through loop, YO and pull through all loops. Cut yarn.
For the first photo my bookworm had 
"real" snake-eyes

But unfortunately the eyes hadn't holes or a hook
so I had to replace with two small pearls.


And this is a pc-worm!

Just make the worm without turning, add buttons as eyes and sew a zigzag on the back!


Have fun!

Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge over Troubled Water

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