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Max, the Monkey


Se hvordan mine abekatte er blevet lavet
  Vedi come sono stati creati le scimmie...
See how are my monkeys are made.....

Jeg strikkede selv flere abekatte...
se andre strikkepigers abekatte nede paa siden...
Ho fatto altre scimmie....
sotte altre scimmie fatte con il mio modello
I made more monkeys....
see below how other knitters realized the monkeys



Thanks to Erin - UK. Look how nice her Max turned out!

June 2009: Erin sent me these new pictures!
I love the one one the car!!!
Aren't they lovely?
Max on the car!...just lovely!
14 Febbruary 2009
What a nice surprice to get these cute pictures!
Thanks a lot to Mary Peterson!
Isn't he cool? I'm sure he'll soon get a brother or two!




Stine sent me these cool monkeys - each little monkey has his name, and Stine told me also how she makes the hair! here's what she wrote:

For the hair I used embroidery thread and wet it, wrapped it around something small like a toothpick then let it dry and slid the toothpick out. The embroidery thread will keep the curl.  Just fiddle with it a bit arrange it how you like.  I think it looks cute.

Butters Fern
Howard Lilac
Lovevy Merlo
Now you know Stines' nine monkeys! 
Aren't they sweet??

Thank you very much! 


Walzing Matilda

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