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Pancake race - Shrove Tuesday


Look at our last race at school!

You need: construction paper
an apron, 
a hat/scarf

medals (made of paper)

How to play:

Let each child prepare a little pan with the construction paper (see the photo above), then divide the children into small groups.

Draw the start-line and the finish-line, where you are going to play.

The children put their pans on the start-line and on your "Ready, steady, GO!" they begin to blow on their pans in order to reach the finish-line!

It is not allowed to touch the pan in any way. 
The winner is the one who first arrives finish-line. 
You can prepare medals for the first, the second and the third.


Where: On the floor in the classroom or another big space.
Time: 15 minutes to prepare the boats.
3 minutes for each game.
When: Shrove Tuesday - or a few days before.
  • To teach the ordinal numbers.
  • To talk about Shrove Tuesday and the traditions.
  • To read a recipe.


It would be very nice to prepare real pancakes with the children (see the recipe), but you may even let them make the pancakes with salt clay (to be made immediately before playing, otherwise the salt-pancakes would get too hard). 
Where to play: in the playground, around the school, etc. 
How to play: Each child puts on the apron and the scarf/hat and gets a pan with a pancake. 
The players are ready on a line. The goal is to arrive to the finishing line first, 
carrying the frying pan with the (hot) pancake, flipping the pancakes as many times as you desire. 
The difficulty is not in running the race, but in tossing and catching the pancakes! 
If a pancake falls on the ground, the child is "out", so one must run carefully! 
It is not allowed to touch the classmates! 

Optional: 1. Before beginning the race you may decide if the children are going to run once or twice around the school. 
2. Decide to toss the pancakes once, twice or three times during the race. 

Please let it depend on your children's ability, and on the pancakes (the real ones are the very best for tossing, the salt clay ones are not so good). 

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