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French Elastic or French Skipping


We play this game with a really long piece of elastic, about 2cm wide and 3 metres in length. We tie the ends of the elastic together to make a loop.
Two children stand inside the loop so they are stretching it relatively taught around their ankles. A third person performs a series of hops and jumps, chanting appropriate rhymes. 

When finished, the height of the elastic is raised to knees, then thighs, then waist.
Start with left foot inside the elastic loop and right foot just outside. 
Jump over to to the otherside so right foot is inside the loop and left foot is outside.Here is one of the rhymes we say:

'Chocolate cake, when you bake,
How many minutes will you take?
One, two, three, four.'

On ONE: jump up and land with left foot outside the elastic loop and your right foot inside.

On TWO: jump up and land with both feet together inside the elastic loop.

On THREE: jump up and land with both feet outside the elastic loop.

On Four:jump up and land sideways to the elastic, with your left foot on top of the back elastic and your right foot ahead (in front) of the front elastic.

If the current player fails to execute the correct jump their turn is over and play passes to one of the people inside the circle of elastic, who then tries to out do the previous player.

Here are more of the rhymes we use:

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales Inside, outside, inside, on!

''Old Mrs Mason broke her basin

On the way to London Station.

How much did it cost?

One, two, three, four.

''Charlie Chaplin sat on a pin

How many inches did it go in?

One, two, three, four.'

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