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Five Stones



You need: five small stones for each player or five coins or similar small things of plastic. 



A player throws the five stones into the air with one hand and tries to catch as many as possible on the back of the same hand. The one who catches most stones starts the game.
The stones that were caught are then thrown up again from the back of the hand where they came to rest. But the player must catch as many as possible in the palm of the same hand. 
Play continuing in a clockwise fashion.
The first player starts the game by throwing the five stones on the ground and then picking up the the ball.
The player throws the ball up, picks up one jack with the same hand and then catches the ball before it hits the ground. The stones is then put into the other hand. This is repeated until all the jacks have been picked up. The player then throws the jacks back on the floor and starts again, but this time, two jacks must be picked up each time except for the third and final throw when, obviously, only one jack is picked up. Once this is achieved successfully, the player starts again but this time with three jacks and then again with four jacks and finally the ball is thrown up and all five jacks are picked up at once before the ball is caught.When the player misses the ball or does not manage to pick up the required number of jacks, the turn immediately finishes and the next player has a try. The player who manages to progress furthest in the sequence of throws wins. 


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