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Witches in the dark

Tune:The Farmer in the Dell

Let  the children  form a circle with one child in the middle. 
Instead of using 'farmer', 'wife', 'child', and so on in the traditional song, use names that have Halloween meanings (witch, bat, black cat, goblin, pumpkin, skeleton etc.). 
The children are now called one by one into the centre as the rest of the circle walks around them. 

Go on until there is only one child left . 
Call this child the ghost. 


Witches in the dark, witches in the dark, 
Hi ho for Halloween, witches in the dark. 

The witch takes a bat, the witch takes a bat, 
Hi ho for Halloween, the witch takes a bat. 

The bat takes a black cat, the bat takes a black cat,
Hi ho for Halloween, the bat takes a black cat. 


The ghost says "BOO!" the ghost says, "BOO!" 
Hi ho for Halloween, the ghost says, "BOO!"

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