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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809. He died at the age of 4o years in 1849. He was an American poet, critic, and short story writer known for his ability to create a dark and haunting tale, whether in short stories (like the "Tell-Tale Heart") or in poetry (like "The Raven").
Poe's mother died when he was just two years old, at which time he was cared for by John Allan.  He briefly attended the University of Virginia, but fled academic life for Boston.  He published several poems in 1827 and began to write short stories, winning $50 from a Baltimore weekly for his "Ms. Found in a Bottle".
Poe became coeditor of Philadelphia-based "Burton's Gentlemen's Magazine" in 1839, where some of his best short stories appeared.
"The Raven" appeared in 1845, bringing him national acclaim.
Many of his works were not published until his death in 1849 -- a death blamed on his alcoholism but which has since been thought to possibly be rabies based on historical evidence of his symptoms.
While much of Poe's work plays on readers' fears, he also had a sensitive side as seen in some his poetry, including "Annabel Lee."
Poe's influence was not limited to the United States.  He was regarded by many international poets as the poetic model and guide to criticism, chiefly French Symbolism, which relied heavily on his "The Philosophy of Composition" in the creation of its modern theory of "pure poetry."

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