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10 settembre 2006 

Buona Domenica di pace!
God og fredfyldt søndag!
Have a peaceful Sunday!
Bon Dimanche de paix!
Guten und friedlichen Sonntag! 
¡Que pases un feliz domingo ! 
Que ho passis bé aquest diumenge!
Igande honet an ondo pasatzen zara!
An Domnach síochánta maith duit!

Green Leaves of Summer

Paul Francis Webster

A time to be reapin', a time to be sowin',
the green leaves of summer are callin' me home.
It was good to be young the in the season of plenty,
when the catfish were jumpin' as high as the sky.

A time just for plantin', a time just for ploughin',
a time to be courtin', a girl of your own.
Twas so good to be young then, to be close to the earth
and to stand by your wife at the moment of birth.

Webster: Green Leaves of Summer

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